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1458316903-1883876-119x119x161x119x21x0-Paragon-Workers-CompWhen it is time to renew your workers compensation policy, don’t be surprised to see an extremely higher rate for the same coverage you received last year.

If your workers comp premium is under $70,000 – you are at risk for extensive increases. Here is why:



  • One claim can cost an insurance company over $50,000 with today’s medical costs.
  • Small companies are high risks for Workers Comp insurers.
  • The lower your premiums, the higher the liability is for insurers.

“Don’t think this can happen to you? It can. I know because it happened to me. Then I found the solution. There ARE ways to deal with this. Our mission is to educate small businesses on how to avoid these rate hikes. ”
Joe Mairorana,
Founder, Paragon Strategic Solutions

Don’t wait until you are faced with an unexpected rate increase. We can help you find the right solution NOW.

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