Eliminate Risks of Penalties for ACA Compliance

Recent changes (due to the Affordable Care Act) require tedious reporting at various intervals throughout the year.

There are stiff monetary penalties for non-compliance or omissions.

The problem is that a majority of businesses are unaware of the new requirements.

Untrained professionals who think they’re “in the know,” are still likely to misfile or under report.

Why risk it?

You Can Have Assured Compliance!

We have relationships with companies that have spent the past year engrained in the changes and required reporting and compliance mandates (and they are aware of future amendments that will affect small and medium size businesses.)

Eliminate risk of penalty!

Paragon Business Solutions can propose measures to ensure 100% accountability for accurate and timely reporting.

The new ACA Reporting requires the following:

  • Records Administration

  • Eligibility Tracking

  • Payroll Deduction

  • Required Government Reporting

Are you ready for all of this?

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