Franchisors Have Some Tough Options

Believe it or not, some mainstream industries, like restaurants and car maintenance shops and many others are on the chopping block for an increase in workers’ comp costs.

This means that many of your franchisees are at risk for these increases. In addition, many may have to deal with the new ACA requirements that take them away from growing their business and unfortunately, they may face high penalties for non-compliance.

We Can help!

Are you looking for a partner to help you attract Franchisees? Knowing that the more support you can offer someone looking to own a franchise, the more interest you’ll receive.

We have experts on staff and industry related partners who help solve the issues Franchisees face, so that they can concentrate on growing the business. In addition, we take the burden off of administrative tasks and liabilities .

Paragon helps franchisors to attract great franchisees!

We have options that control workers’ comp costs and in some cases eliminate all liability of on the job injuries to your franchisees.

Ensure that your Franchisees are ACA compliant