We Can Help Control Workers’ Comp Costs and Risks

We are significantly involved in all areas of administration within our clients’ business, and we made it our mission to seek solutions to the injustices that are trending quickly, especially workers’ compensation.

We have already been exposed to companies who are now considered uninsurable even though they had no claim history.

In 2016

Companies that are considered High Risk may see their

workers’ comp rates double – and even triple.

And worse, many companies will be dropped from providers all together.

Paragon Strategic Solutions helps businesses control workers' comp costs and can even eliminate liability!

We Can help!

Here at Paragon Strategic Solutions, we proactively researched this issue, aligned ourselves with organizations who have solutions to keep workers’ comp rates consistent and in some cases, even lowered.

The most important part of the solution

For certain qualified companies, workers’ comp liability can be eliminated completely.

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